Girl Fight in Beijing, China
August 29, 2005
(AUG 29) You’ve heard the old saying “be careful what you ask for ‘cause you just might get it”? Well, Donna “Nature Girl” Biggers with a current record of 14-2-1 (13 KO’s) finally had a fight that went the distance. And, I’m not speaking of Beijing being the distance. Donna’s been patiently waiting for a bout that would allow her get some real rounds and experience. The “Nature Girl” and “The Knockout” weighed in at 133lbs ready to fight. Mia St. John is one tough fighter who has only lost 5 times in her career and has 42 wins. Mia is ranked #2 in the world by most of the boxing organizations. Boxrec has her at #12 and Donna ranked #16.

Donna did incredibly well and won the first 4 rounds of the fight. St. John won rounds 5 and 6, while the “Nature Girl” slowed her pace as to not get tired too quickly. The 7, 8 and 9th rounds could have went either way as neither girl threw too many punches. The 10th and final round was a close one as the crowd cheered for Biggers while she moved around the ring dodging Mia's punches.

Donna did her most excellent with this being her first fight that has ever been past 4 rounds. Donna went 10 BIG rounds; the judges scored the bout 91-99,
94-96 and 91-99 and gave St. John a unanimous decision. This loss is only going to make the “Nature Girl” train harder and become a better fighter.

We are enormously proud of her!

Donna is looking forward to coming back to White Rock on October 15th and fighting one of the top 10 female fighters in her weight class.

We appreciate all the support from White Rock Boxing and all of the sponsors and fans!

Contributed by Billy Mitchum & Pamela Stokes




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