APRIL 27, 2007

  Fight results for April 26, 2007 show
at the Plex
April 27, 2007

Robert Dunton Wins by TKO over Johnny Rowell 1:56 of round 2

Recap: Dunton showed great patients and maturity as he did not allow an awkward and often times free swinging Rowell to entice him into an early slug fest. Dunton countered an early barrage of power shots from Rowell with stiff jabs and counter rights until he was able to slow the fast moving North Carolina fighter enough to land a big right cross causing Referee Mark Campbell to pause the action for an eight count that coincided with the round ending bell, saving Rowell from any more punishment in the first round. It did not take long for Dunton to realize that Rowell was still feeling the effects of his big right hand He moved in fast to close deal overwhelming Rowell with precision power shots sealing his fate at 1:56 of the second round and improving his perfect unbeaten record to 3-0, 3KO

Ryan Shay wins by TKO over Kevin Varnadore: 46 of round 2

Recap: A solid performance by both fighters with the action ebbing and flowing in the first round. Varnadore gets caught with a big right hand in the second, flooring the tough aggressor. He somehow managed to pull himself off the mat before the count of ten to no avail, as Shay showed no mercy and closed the deal at :46 seconds of round two.

Adrian Redmond wins by KO over W.J. Gaines

Recap: Redmond and Gaines did not disappoint the crowd in what could be billed as one of the fight of the nights. Gaines forced the action early in the first with crisp jabs coming from different angles as he tried to confuse the tall lanky Redmond from North Carolina. Redmond maintained his composure and countered by slipping and coming over the top with hammering right hands forcing Gainesí Hall of fame Trainer and father, Jody Gaines, to rethink his strategy by yelling to his fighter to double up on the jab and move. Both fighters having a mutual respect for each other went through feeling out periods that didnít set well with the crowd but was very understandable from a boxing standpoint, as we all know that boxing is like a chess game. Think before you move. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd both fighters picked up the pace exchanging blows until Gaines was caught with a devastating right hand to the body that would of ended the night for anyone. Redmond wins by KO at 2:49 of round three.

Derrick Crockett wins by TKO over David Sikes

Recap: Sikes felling the pressure to perform well for the Plex crowed came out at a blistering pace trying to end the fight before it started. Crockett, knowing Sikes couldnít keep up such an up-tempo pace for four rounds covered up, protecting himself from the big shots and threw solid shots of his own when the opportunity presented itself. Crockettís strategy to stay patient and weather the storm proved beneficial as Sikes expended everything he had in the first round and was unable to answer the bell for the start of the second.

Brad Binder wins by TKO over Erick Turner

Recap: Binder put on a body punching clinic as he disposed of the very game Erick Turner. Turner initiated the onslaught of body punching abuse when he tried some bulling tactics early on in the fight that didnít sit well with the brick house built fighter from South Carolina. Binder by TKO at :33 of round 2.





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