NOVEMBER 19,  2007


Mobley Fights to Draw in Wilson NC

(NOV 19) After a four year lay-off Ombey, “Kay-Tell”, Mobley put on impressive performance in rout to a questionable draw against hometown favorite Maurice Winslow. Mobley dominated the first round with precision jabs and fancy foot work that kept his foe off balance. In the second Mobley put together a fierce three punch combination culminating with a big right hand that sent Wilson crumbling to the floor. Winslow managed to beat the clock and survive the round. The knock down was a wake up call for Winslow as he fought in desperation sensing that the fight was quickly fading away from him. He threw big right hands that missed their mark but wooed the fans and apparently swayed the judges. Both men showed signs of fatigue in the third and fourth rounds. Both fighters had their moments in the final two rounds but neither in any danger of getting knocked out, as there punches didn’t have the sting they had in the earlier rounds. Mobley accepted the judge’s decision gracefully and vowed next time that he would not leave the decision in their hands.






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