August 5, 2008

Letter to the WBC
August 5, 2008
Photo by Heath Hamacher
  August 1, 2008

World Boxing Council
Attn: Jose Sulaiman
Cuzco 872
Colonia Lindavista 07300
Mexico, D.F Mexico

Dear Mr. Sulaiman and Board of Governors,

It has come to our attention that there is a proposed fight being made between WBC Welterweight champion Andre Berto and Steve Forbes. It has been our position for some time now, that we are ready, willing, and able to fight Berto for the WBC Welterweight title. If we have to fight an elimination bout or bouts to be afforded the opportunity, than so be it. What we donít want is consideration given to any other fighter in reference to a title fight with the champion. We clearly meet all the requirements as a challenger for the WBC Welterweight title under the mandatory or voluntary defense regulations as outlined by the WBC, with the exception of actually being named mandatory challenger.

Steve Forbes meets none of the requirements. The WBC Board of Governors has a lot of discretion in choosing a mandatory or voluntary challenger but, it would seem preposterous to go outside of the WBC rankings and give someone the opportunity to challenge for the championship. We simply canít fathom this happening.

Collazo is ranked in the #1 position according to the WBC website. Collazo is willing, able, and prepared to fight anyone for the mandatory position, however, this does not mean that we will sit idly by while a handpicked opponent is thrust into a position to challenge for the title. Forbes is nowhere to be found in the WBC rankings according to the WBC website. We pray for the sake of all concerned, the WBC wonít fall victim to the old politics of boxing if the time comes that they are lobbied to insert a fighter into their rankings for the obvious reason of allowing the Champion to fight a hand picked opponent. The WBC must take into consideration the hard work and patients that the Collazo Camp has shown in waiting for the opportunity to challenge for one of the most coveted titles in the world. We are prepared to earn our position as the mandatory challenger. We simply ask that you make everyone else earn theirs.


Nirmal Lorick
Manager ( Louis Collazo)
Phone: 917.723.0544




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