Top Ten Rising Stars in Women’s Boxing!
By Sue TL Fox -WBAN
September 3, 2008
  (SEPT 3) WBAN [Women Boxing Archive Network] ran a Boxing Poll in August giving the Boxing Community an opportunity to give their input as to who they thought were the TOP TEN RISING STARS in the sport.

WBAN divided two lists with the first list of the top ten who had 10 fights or less, and/or was an amateur. The second list were the top ten boxers who had over 10 professional fights. These boxers should be extremely proud, being picked by boxing fans out of literally thousands of women boxers both pro and amateur. The poll ended on August 31, 2008. 

In Alphabetical order (Left to Right): Boxers listed with 10 fights or less and/or Amateur

Jennifer Barber
 7-0-0 (4 KOs)

Cecilia Braekhus
8-0-0 (2 KOs)

Charmaine Carrington
3-0-0 (0KO)

Marlen Esparza

Jeannine Garside
 7-1-1 (3 KOs)

Ronica Jeffrey
2-0-0 (0 KOs)

Ava Knight
 4-0-2 (2 KOs)
Chris Namus
 6-0-0 (1 KOs)

Katie Taylor  Amateur
Kaliesha West
10-0-0 (2 KOs)

Over 10 Professional Fights (alphabetical order - Left to right)

Hollie Dunaway
 21-7-0 (10 KOs)

Melissa Hernandez
8-1-2 (3 KOs)

Holly Holm
 21-1-2 (6 KOs)

Susianna Kentikian 
22-0-0 (16 KOs)

Anne-Sophie Mathis
 18-1-1 (16 KOs)

Ela Nunez
 8-3-0 (2 KOs)

Carina Moreno
19-1-0 (5 KO)
Ann Marie Saccurato  
14-3-2 (5 KOs))

Mary Jo Sanders
25-1-0 (8 KOs
Esther Schouten
 21-4-1 (10 KOs)

Honorable Mention: Tia Daniels, Johana Mendez, Mary McGee, Brooke Dierdorff, Adawirky Lopez, Sarah Pucek, Tammy Franks, Akondaye Fountain, Ijeoma Egbunine, Conjestina Achieng, Hondi Hernandez, Crystal Delgado, Lindsay Garbatt.

Top Hot Pick Comments about these Rising Stars!

Marlen Esparza: She is a six time national champion. I got to see her last year when she moved up a weight at ringside and defeated Canada’s national champ at 110 pounds with no problem.

Brooke Dierdorff: Because she never turns down any fights and she only wants to fight the best out there! She has already fought 4 of the top women in her weight class with just 8 fights!

Susi Kentikian: - Excellent professional record; Good style; Good character; and she managed to become a champion despite of social and political obstacles.

Kaliesha West: Kaliesha and I both grew up together in the sport. She has been working her behind since the amateurs. Slowly but surely she has progressed in the professional level. I am proud of this girl, she definitely deserves to be in the top ten if not the number one top boxer. She knows her skills not only goes in and brawls. Good luck Keliesha. [Christy Martinon]

Holly Holm: Holly Holm should be nominated because it doesn’t get much better in women's boxing than her. She has won an untold number of belts and just came off a UNANIMOUS decision win over the UNDEFEATED Mary Jo Sanders. Her skill is unrivaled in more than one weight class and she carries herself like a true champion. To be honest, I also am from and live in her home town so I have been able to see her amazing talent in person.

Ann Marie Saccurato: She just regained her lightweight championship for the 3rd time. She travels all over the globe to fight, e.g. just regained her belt fighting in Tokyo, Japan. She puts all of herself into every fight, and fights fearlessly. Additionally, she's a very outgoing, charismatic personality with a great personal story.

Jennifer Barber: She has an unblemished record. And I have personally watched her train and she is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen.

Ava Knight: I believe Ava Knight should be nominated as the top ten rising stars is because she has the confidence and ambition to become the best boxer she can be. She hasn't lost a fight yet and she has knocked out New Jersey's best. I am so proud of her and I think she is going to be the next Ali.

Carina Moreno: I helped coach her on the World Team in 2001 and have watched her grow since. I knew she had the skill to be a pro champion even back then. Her boxing skill is unmatched at this time. As a plus she and her coach are wonderful giving people. She is #1.

Kaliesha West: As a USA Boxing official Level III, I have had the opportunity to be a judge at numerous venues where she participated. I have seen her skills and determination come to fruition at a professional bout at Harrahs' Rincon Casino last Fall 2007. She was tested by a very crafty opponent, however she skills and tenacity pulled her through to victory. I believe that she is worthy of my nomination. Fred Block

Ann Marie Saccurato: Ann-Marie has the unique distinction of winning the WBC Lightweight World title against three separate World Champions--all in the other boxers hometown! She has beaten Jelena Mrdjenovich, Jessica Rakoczy and Emiko Raika, all without the hometown advantage. She is a staunch advocate of both professional and Olympic-style women's boxing and is an excellent role model for the sport. She is not afraid to travel anywhere to prove she is one of the best. She puts on entertaining main event fights and is a real crowd pleaser with her combination of punching power and boxing skills. She is a class act and is a well spoken ambassador for the sport both in and out of the ring. Angel Bovee

Katie Taylor: Katie has turned down a lot of money to stay as an amateur because she wants to win gold at the 2012 Olympics, Katie is very skilled and will take women's boxing in the uk to a new level because the IOC don't want women's boxing in the Olympics which is a disgrace, hopefully Katie will get her way and encourage much needed publicity in the women's game in the uk.

Jeannine Garside: Jeannine made the giant step up and valiantly fought Chevelle Hallback on June 13, exhibiting class, heart, skill and a true championship attitude. Altho she was not victorious, she made an impression on those present with a gutsy performance against one of the premier female fighters ever, Chevelle Hallback.

Jennifer Barber: I think that Jennifer has proven to me and everyone that she's a "Star". Jennifer is a very skilled boxer and also has a great personality as a person. I also applaud the support that she has from her family members and friends. I'm definitely a "BIG" fan and supporter of Jennifer. Best of luck Jennifer and you are always shining in my book!

Hondi Hernandez: I trained in the same gym as Hondi for a short time, and she is clearly a natural talent in the sport. If Hondi's work ethic allows, she could go far in women's boxing.

Esther Schouten: On verge of breaking into top competitors of the world, was derailed by cancer treatment. She is now back and possibly better than before. Reminds me of Lance Armstrong.

WBAN would like to give a special thanks to all that participated in the Boxing Poll!





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