September 18, 2008

World Class Fighter Trains at Whiterock
September 18, 2008

(SEPT 18)  Former WBA Welterweight World Champion Luis Collazo has just wrapped up another successful training camp at the now nationally recognized Whiterock Boxing Gym. Collazo is ranked #1 in the world and is the mandatory challenger for current WBA Champion Andre Berto. Their title fight should take place in mid January 2009. Both fighters will first have to win their upcoming tune-up fights. They will both be fighting different opponents on the under card of the upcoming Don King promoted mega fight between “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga.

The fight will take place September 27, 2008 at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles California and will be televised live on HBO. This is the second time that Collazo has trained at the Whiterock Boxing Gym in preparation for an upcoming fight. When asked why he chose South Carolina and Whiterock Boxing Gym for his training he stated, “This is one of the most hospitable and boxer friendly places that I have ever trained in. It beats the hustle and bustle of training in the New York area. I also have a long standing relationship with my camp coordinator and local promoter Andrew Stokes (Palmetto Boxing). He does a wonderful job of setting up and running camp from beginning to end. His job includes everything from securing a place for us to live, getting me and my team up in the morning for running, preparing nutritious meals, grocery shopping, scheduling sparring sessions, and everything in-between such as scheduling movies and other activities during off days. I wouldn’t want his job”, laughed Collazo. “I also have a great relationship with Whiterock owner Billy Stanick. He has been wonderful to me and everyone that I bring with me to camp. He has taken particular interest in one of our amateurs from New York, George Santiago. Billy has given him the nickname “Relentless” for his keep coming forward style. We have a lot of fun here. I feel right at home.





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