May 4, 2009



Gladney – Hernandez battle to draw In NC.

(MAY 4) Angel "Non-Stop" Gladney and Jackie Hernandez put on an excellent display of skills and heart Saturday Night at Club Ambis 1 in Raleigh NC.  The two female pugilist left the crowed breathless after four rounds of boxing that ebbed and flowed in each fighters favor throughout the four round slugfest. Gladney controlled the fight in the early rounds by backing the national boxing champion Hernandez against the ropes and unloading with thunderous right hands and looping left hooks that kept the taller boxer on the defense. Hernandez understood early that she couldn’t stand toe to toe with Gladney. She used her height and long arms to keep Gladney at Bay and fought hard enough down the stretch to eek out a draw.  Both women received a standing ovation and they were bombarded by fans as they left the arena for autographs.6:30pm





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