December 13, 2005




We would like to thank all of our Boxing Fans and Sponsors for their support of our Boxing Program at White Rock. Without your great support, Boxing would not be successful in South Carolina. With your support we have now put on 15 Amateur Shows and (2) Professional shows at the Stanick Gym in White Rock.

 Billy Stanick and his Boxing Sponsors finance this program. With all of our fans support, White Rock has produced – 4 State Silver Glove Champions and 2 State Golden Glove Champions. One Golden Glove Champion has turned Pro and is managed by Billy Stanick and is now 7 Wins and 0 Losses. His name is Moultrie Witherspoon. 

Moultrie Witherspoon is 6’6” tall and weights 245 lbs. Moultrie keeps him self in great shape. Moultrie appreciates all of our support from Fans and Sponsors.

We also have 2 other undefeated Professional Boxers at White Rock that are also managed by Billy Stanick and trained by Jose’ Molina. Johnny Brooks who is 2-0-1

2 wins – 1 draw and 0 looses. Marcus who has 2 Wins and 0 losses 2 KO’S. Johnny & Marcus are brothers with Jose’ Molina being their Uncle.

On January 21, 2006 our fans will see Moultrie, Johnny and Marcus test their undefeated records at White Rock Boxing Gym promoted by Head Hunters Boxing.

We will also have Donna “Nature Girl” Biggers, .sshe holds the WBE Women’s Lightweight Title, the WBB Lightweight Title and the WIBC Feather Weight Titles. Donna just returned from Beijing, China with a 10 round bout with Mia St. John.

At White Rock, we will also have (4) other great bouts that night. We hope every one of our fans and Sponsors will be able to attend. For more information please visit our Boxing site at

Our last two Boxing Shows were with standing room only. The fans support was great and we look forward to the same fan support on this coming show. With White Rock, Head Hunters Boxing, and other promoters in South Carolina working together with our SC Boxing Commissions, our Boxers should have a chance to fight any where in the USA and represent South Carolina well.

South Carolina has produced a Two Time National Golden Glove Champion “Jeremy Bryan” who has fought at our White Rock Gym. Jeremy is the first National Golden Glove Champion from South Carolina in 30 years. Jeremy had to fight 5 nights in a row all against State Champions to win National Golden Glove. Jeremy said, “ Lets keep up the good work” Jeremy won 2004 & 2005 National Golden Gloves and is from Sumter, South Carolina.

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Head Hunters Promotions presents professional boxing - January 21, 2006

Super Featherweight Belinda Laracuente


Darnella Barnes
Heavyweight Moultrie Witherspoon VS Greg McWhirter
Super Featherweight Donna Biggs VS Joy Irvin
Light Heavyweight Carlette Ewell VS Julianne Bergen
Featherweight Melinda Woody VS Melissa Hernandez
Super Featherweight Lynn Smith VS Jennifer Johnson
Light Heavyweight Johnny Brooks VS Caleb Watson
Middleweight Marcus Brooks VS David Frazier, JF.
Light Welterweight Marty Robbins VS TBA
Heavyweight Willie Walker VS Ken Williams
Middleweight Timothy Hall VS Lorenzo Crawford
Cruiserweight Preton Haliburton VS Joseph Grubbs
Light Heavyweight Terrell Murphy VS TBA
Light Heavyweight Carla Sweat Mazzone VS Angie Hull






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