2010 National PAL Boxing Championships Action Moves into Day Two with a Full Day of Open Division Competition
October 7, 2010

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) – National PAL Championships competition moved into day two on Tuesday with two full sessions of men’s open division competition. Preliminary round competition was contested in the bantamweight and lightweight divisions in the opening session of the day with 30 boxers moving one win closer to an Olympic Trials berth. The evening session showcased preliminary bouts in the bantamweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight divisions as well as a lone super heavyweight contest.

Wednesday’s action will feature the debut of the junior division and female action at the 2010 National PAL Championships as well as highly competitive bouts in the men’s open division in all of the weight divisions.

The six bout sheets for today’s action are attached.

Tuesday, October 5 Preliminary Round Results

Morning Session

123 lbs: O’Shanique Foster, dec. Joshua Bowles, 4-1 (paper)

123 lbs: Aaron J. Hollis, dec. Quincy Means, 10-9

123 lbs: Zach Borunda, dec. Mitchell Foley, 12-9

123 lbs: Luis Feliciano, dec. Carlos Adame, 13-1

123 lbs: Jeremy Longoria, won on walkover Mike Amaro, W/O

123 lbs: Gary Antonio Russell, dec. Pedro Duran, 16-12

123 lbs: Ricardo Barron, dec. Adrian Marsh, 12-3

123 lbs: Dennis Galarza, dec. Rubin Swain, 12-11 (after level one tie-breaker)

123 lbs: Antonio Magruder, dec. Andy Reyes, 13-8

123 lbs: Joe Perez, dec. Kiun Evens, 15-3

123 lbs: Johnnie Rolon, dec. Erik Ruiz, 6-3

123 lbs: Tyshawn Jones, stopped Kenneth Taylor, RSC-2 (3:00)

123 lbs: Maximiliano Moreno, dec. Joseph Pichardo, 13-5

123 lbs: Candido Lopez, dec. Lorenzo Vargas, 22-8

123 lbs: Joseph Rodriguez, dec. Mike Anieboman, 9-5

123 lbs: Michael Norato, dec. Zabastyan Ulloa, 14-4

132 lbs: Andy Vences, dec. Arthur Porter, 17-7

132 lbs: Mikail Jones, dec. Angel Hernandez, 7-5

132 lbs: Tommy Logan, stopped. Alemeo Carter, RSC-3

132 lbs: Kenneth Sims, dec. Yahman, 12-9

132 lbs: Joel Young, dec. Gregory Young., 6-3

132 lbs: Julian Ramirez, dec. Ellis Rashidi, 13-9

132 lbs: Domonique James, dec. Jose Castro, 4-0

132 lbs: Xavier Montelongo, dec. Ricardo Gallegos, 9-3

132 lbs: Saul Rodriguez, stopped Kevin Rivers, RSC-3 (1:53)

132 lbs: Ronnie Reams, dec. Hector Carrete, 13-5

132 lbs: Jose Arambula, dec. Rickey Edwards, 10-7

132 lbs: Nicholas Jefferson, stopped Evander Lamourt, RSC-2 (2:41)

132 lbs: Albert Bell, dec. John Abella, 12-5

Evening Session

123 lbs: Joseph Rodriguez, dec. Mike Anieboman, 9-5

141 lbs: Juan Copado, stopped Marco Rubio, RSC-2

141 lbs: Mikkel Lespierre, dec. Justin Jones, 18-4

141 lbs: Dustin Lara, won on walkover Donte Strayhorn, W/O

141 lbs: Zeddie Adams, dec. Adam Costillo, 11-7

141 lbs: Raymond Johnson, dec. Rosce Hill IV, 14-1

141 lbs: Robert Easter Jr., dec. Steven Escobedo, 22-12

141 lbs: Robert West, won on walk over Roman Sanchez, W/O

141 lbs: Andrew Ruiz, stopped Arris Dawkins, RSC-2 (2:07)

141 lbs: Pedro Sosa, dec. Javonn Barnes, 19-0

141 lbs: Ryan Karl, dec. Jerrion Campbell, 11-8

141 lbs: Delorien Caraway, stopped Charles Gable, RSC-1 (2:56)

141 lbs: Michael Reed, won on walk over Martin Lagunas Jr., W/O

141 lbs: Adam Boyd, dec. Todd Khiry, 5-0 (after level two tie-breaker)

141 lbs: Armando Gallegos and D’Andre Smith were disqualified

152 lbs: Jackson Shaker, dec. Anthony Gangemi, 7-6 (after level one tie-breaker)

152 lbs: Bryant Perrella, dec. Ladarius Miller, 8-1

152 lbs : Benjamin Whitaker, won on walkover Alex Martin, W/O

152 lbs: Stafford Wedderburne, dec. Israel Han, 8-6

152 lbs: Sammie Milhouse, dec. Terrance Walker, 11-10

165 lbs: Damazo Tello, won on walkover Keoki Anaya, W/O

178 lbs: Adam Willis, dec. Devin Goins, 11-2

178 lbs: DeRae Crane, dec. Joshua Balbuena, 9-7

178 lbs: Paul Barker, dec. Lisandro Tupete, 14-3

178 lbs: Scott Alfar, dec. Samual Clarkson, 15-10

178 lbs: Ken Johnson, dec. Dempond Nicholson, 4-3

178 lbs: Tony Mack, dec. Jaque Lutz, 12-8

178 lbs: Caleb Plant, dec. Payton Boyea, 7-5

201 lbs: Javier Torres, dec. Jonathon Thrasner, 1-0

201 lbs: Robert Jekabson, dec. Tyrell Wright, 5-0

201 lbs: Trevor Bryan, dec. Adrian Farmer, 14-7

201 lbs: Fredrick Samuels stopped Ricardo Urquizo, RSC-2 (2:53)

201 lbs: Michael Hilton, dec. Hasim Rahman Jr., 18-4

201 lbs: William Platt, retired Larry Givens, RET-1

201+ lbs: Willie Jake, dec. Danny Kelly, 3-2 (after level two tie-breaker)

USA Boxing, as the national governing body for Olympic-style boxing, is the United States’ member organization of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) and a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).


Julie Goldsticker
President, Goldsticker Public Relations






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