November 2, 2010

Results: Palmetto Boxing Presents- Fall Brawl
November 2, 2010

Palmetto Boxing promotions put on another exciting boxing/mmma card at the Township Auditorium in Columbia SC on Thursday, October 28th. Chris Fitzpatrick and Mark Anderson highlight the show with dominating knockouts and Joseph Rabotte upsets Taurus Sykes.

 Mark Anderson TKO 4 Travis White (Super Middleweight)

Mark Anderson made is pro debut at Super Middleweight against Travis White and got a thoroughly dominating knockout. Anderson who came in a 166lbs vs Travis White 166.5lbs clearly was better conditioned in this fight as Travis White has the appearance of a Light Heavyweight. It showed in the fight as White appeared to be weight drained and sluggish. They split the first two rounds of a scheduled four rounder but Anderson began to annihilate White midway through the third round and score four knockdowns in the fight when it was stopped in the fourth round. Many people thought the fight should been stopped earlier as White appeared to be a walking mannequin unable to defend himself from the relentless barrage of power shots from Anderson. Anderson appeared to be the best of the debuting crop of prospects that promoter Andrew Stokes put on last night.

Gilbert Jacobs MD 6 Pete Yates (Light Heavyweight)

The fifty-seven year old Gilbert Jacobs fought tough chinned Pete Yates to a methodical six round majority decision to improve to 2-3. Yate's unorthodox boxing skills were no match for Jacobs clean jabs and forced Yates to throw sloppy and wide hooks to try and land anything on Jacobs.

Joseph Rabotte SD Taurus Sykes (heavyweight)

Sykes who has been in with the veritable whos who of top 10 heavyweights for the past five years ( Alexander Povetkin, Sam Peter, Hasim Rahman) came in seemingly poor condition for the eight round fight against Rabotte. Sykes ability to use the left jab especially when Rabotte tried to get inside was not utilized enough in the fight. Rabotte’s ability to use quick combinations on the inside and near the end of the rounds allowed him to steal several rounds. They had to be pulled apart after the eight round as Sykes was frustrated and might have felt he would lose the fight. Rabotte won the UNBC Americas heavyweight Title although the score card of 79-71 for Rabotte may have been too much as this writer thought Rabotte won by two to three rounds.

Chris Fitzpatrick KO2 Rashard Sanders

Chris Fitzpatrick whose weight has fluctuated throughout his career seems to have found his weight class at middleweight. He took on a game opponent in Rashard Sanders who was able to capitalize on Fitzpatrick's predictable upper body movement in the first round. In the second round Fitzpatrick made some major adjustments and increased his punch output by 20-30 punches from the previous round. His tremendous body attack usually landed flush to the body of Sanders while Sanders who did not pick his shot would keep attacking Fitzpatrick's body even when he was doing a great job of using his arms to protect his body. With a minute to go Fitzpatrick seemed to outclass Sanders and put together a beautiful flurry against sanders in the corner towards the end of the second round that was the demise of Sanders. Fitzpatrick threw a right hook to the body followed by two left hooks to the body and a left hook to the head that left Sanders gasping for air and the referee with no choice but to stop the fight.

Broderick Antoine 6rd UD Jamar Saunders (juniorwelterweight
Antoine put on a spectacular display of boxing skills as he methodically picked apart the game Sanders in what could have easily have been a main event on an ESPN Friday Night Fight.

Also fighting:

Maurice Jeter TKO1 Michael Whitaker(juniorwelterweight)





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