Palmetto Boxing Invades The Jamil Shrine Temple
May 21, 2011

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Palmetto boxing invaded the Jamil shrine Temple this past Friday, My 13,2011 and once again showed why they are still the #1 combat sports promotional company in the Southeast. Fans were treated to a spectacular mixture of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, leaving fans of both disciplines excited the entire evening. Palmetto Boxing would like to thank all of our sponsors, without you, none of this would be possible. Stay tuned for our upcoming promotions.

The Irish Ghost dominates Bruce Rumbolz

Chris "The Irish Ghost" Fitzpatrick moved to 13-0 5KO with a spectacular unanimous decision win against the game Bruce Rumbolz of Sterling, Illinois. Fitzpatrick recovered quickly from a 2nd round knock down to completely dominate the rest of the fight. Rumbolz overcame a blistering body attack in the sixth round when he was saved by the bell right before referee Dale Frye was moving in to waive the fight over. Fitzpatrick showed tremendous composure during adversity and solidified himself as a true prospect.

Mark Anderson and Johnny Brooks put on a thriller

Mark Anderson (2-2) and Johnny Brooks (6-5) went toe to toe in a fight that ebbed and flowed with excitement. This fight was as about as evenly matched as any that promoter Andrew Stokes has put on any of his cards. The two combatants jabbed, hooked and threw power shots one after the other in hopes that the other would give in and take a step backwards. This was the wrong night for those thoughts. Neither fighter would give in. At the end of what could have easily been fight of the year Johnny Brooks was awarded the win by a close split decision.

Other Results

Steffen Scott (7-2) unanimous decision vs Kelvin Kibler (0-5)

MMA Results

1. Amateur MMA Lightweight
Ryan Kunihiro, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, ( 0-1,145,5'7",09-19-1991) Jeff Metzler,(803)-417-1329 VS. Serge Armstrong , Charleston, SC,USA,( 1-1,145,5,4", 01-24-1978) MattRobinson,
Winner: Serge Armstrong by Rear Naked Choke 2:30 in round 2
Judges: Greg Coleman, Kevin James, Jeff Ensminger
Referee: Bill Clancy

2. Amateur MMA Welterweight
Jeremy Severn, Charleston,SC,USA ( 2-2,155,5'9", 11-17-1987) Matt Robinson,(843)-693-5425 VS. David Gill , Myrtle Beach,SC,USA, ( 0-2,155, 5'10",07-25-1991) Jeff Metzler ,
Winner: Jeremy Severn by Arm Bar 1:31 of round 1
Judges: Greg Coleman, Kevin James, Jeff Ensminger
Refree:Bill Clancy

3. Amateur MMA Featherweight
Troy Lyons-Lee, Atlanta, GA,USA, (1-1, 135, 5'6",04-08-1985) Justin Simpson (678)-622-8954 VS. Nate Yokoyama, Charleston,SC, USA, ( 1-4 , 145, 5'7",05-12-1977) Matt Robinson
Winner: Troy Lyons-Lee TKO due to Strikes 2:17 of round 3
Judges: Greg Coleman, Kevin James, Jeff Ensminger
Referee: Bill Clancy
Nate Yokoyama suspended 30 days due to TKO

4. Amateur MMA Welterweight
Jarrett Smotrilla, Charleston,SC,USA (3-1,170,6'4",03-27-1978), Matt Robinson, (843)-693-5425 VS. Thomas "TJ" Mcdaniel, Atlanta,Ga, USA, (3-2,170,5'9",03-01-1990) Justin Simpson
Winner: Jarrett Smotrilla by Split Decision ( Judge Colemon 29-28,Judge James 29-28, Judge Ensminger 29-29)
Judges: Greg Coleman, Kevin James, Jeff Ensminger
Refree:Bill Clancy

5. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
Corey Sullivan,Newberry,SC,USA, (3-2,205,5'7",07-01-1988) Kelly Anundson (775)-338-8878 VS. Justin Reeser, Tuscaloosa,AL,USA,(6-4,205,6'0",03-15-1988) Cody Eason (205)-451-6824
Winner: Corey Sullivan by Rear Naked Choke at 2:36 of round 1
Judges: Greg Coleman, Kevin James, Jeff Ensminge Refree:Bill Clancy





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