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The story of his success and love of boxing

Billy Stanick is more than just a champion; he’s an honest one. Over thirty years ago, he put together $300 cash and a modest paycheck, rented a W.W. II barracks and went into the roofing business. He’s a man who is accustomed to staying on top of things.

Stanick Sheet Metal & Roofing has been in business since 1971. It is located at 5539 Old Bush River Road in Columbia. Stanick’s building credits are too numerous to list here but they are the result of remarkable people doing remarkable things.

Billy Stanick’s father was recognized with the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for his service in World War II. He didn’t return to continue life where he left off, but he did leave an enduring message for his son, Billy. Being a hero is an accomplishment; fighting for what you believe is strength of character. Young Billy, five years old at the time, has carried his dad’s meaning to this day.
Stanick’s grandmother, Cora Craft Scali, took him in as is the finest of southern tradition. But arthritis struck and Cora was unable to continue the tedious work she did. Says Stanick, “I remember her crying, wondering if and how she would be able to continue to provide for us and pay the bills.” But when adversity strikes, God often opens new windows of opportunity.

“Cora found a way,” Billy recalls. Resourceful, Cora rented two houses in Columbia. She cleaned and managed both of them. “I adopted my work ethic from my grandmother. She found a way to continue providing for us; she never quit or gave up,” he says.

As the early years slipped away, continued success was built on an honest day’s work and quality workmanship. He recalls days when a rush job required his crew to start before the kettle that prepared the roofing tar was ready. Rain was forecast for the next day so they took turns all night, with flashlights to light their work area, so they could finish the job before the storm. “It did rain that day,” Stanick says with a chuckle. The experienced roofing crew worked together to do what had to be done.

As of this writing, there is not one member of his work crew who has been with him for less than fifteen years. Experience and a willingness to see the job done correctly has ensured more and more work. Looking back to his first years in business, there were times that Billy Stanick took home less than his employees. Now the company has over $2.5 million in sales annually and employs fifty. “In my opinion,” Billy said sincerely, “the company’s continued success rests squarely on the shoulders of the men who know their work has to be done right.” It’s easy to see how that can lead to greater things.

There is another side to this story. According to Edith Wilson, employed since August 1978, Billy makes it his daily duty to treat employees like family. His warmth, generosity and caring are wrapped up in a legion of stories. Not isolated cases, but real people in real trouble.

Billy kept Ed Iriel on the payroll following a severe heart attack. As recovery progressed, he brought Ed into the office and trained him as an estimator. Physical disability would not allow him to do his old job, but as Stanick explains it, Ed is now one of the top estimators in the business. There are many others he has helped, including ones no longer in his employ. “He is the most unique, compassionate, honest individual I have ever met,” Ms. Wilson says. “He takes personal interest in all of his employees. He will personally go out, buy a birthday cake and card for an employee, then load his camera and take pictures at the party.”

In a meeting recently, Billy Stanick looked trim and fit for a man of his accomplishments. Managing a bout with cancer, Billy Stanick came out a champion again.

Winning ‘bouts’ is in Stanick’s profile. Once an amateur Golden Gloves boxer, he has trained several well-known South Carolina Champions. Mike English, with him for many years and a South Carolina Golden Gloves Champion, now trains rising amateurs.

The Stanick warehouse building in White Rock, South Carolina has been converted to a gymnasium with spectator space, a boxing ring and sponsor advertising. Exhibition bouts and competitions are held there regularly. Interest in the sport has been sparked by Billy Stanick and carried by Mike English.
As is so often the case, looking back to humble beginnings, we find Billy Stanick enjoying the support of long term associates. Herbert Sanders has been with him from the start. There are many others. Billy, with his trademark friendly chuckle, reminds any-and-all that what he has achieved began with that $300 so long ago in 1971.

That’s like breaking the bank at Las Vegas.

Written by Paul Truman, Team Writer, 2020 Columbia, June 2004


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