APRIL 4 2007

  “Getting used to the game”
By Daniel Terrill
April 4, 2007

Kendrick Watkins won by a unanimous decision over Kenny King in a four-round super-welter weight bout at the Plex in Charleston on March 29.

The bout took place as the third fight on the undercard of the Wes Taylor v. Moultrie Witherspoon bout.

Watkins dominated the fight with his long straight-rights and left-hooks as King went the distance following him around the ring.

Watkins started the first round jabbing and keeping his feet moving. He’d jab and pivot as King looked to be feeling him out until Watkins paused and waived him in as to say, “Let’s go.” King rushed in and pushed Watkins in the corner while throwing a flurry, but Watkins quickly broke free with straight punches.

In the second, Watkins continued throwing lead left-hooks while moving to the left. King followed behind. Every now and then when Watkins’ back neared the ropes King would rush in with a flurry of uppercuts, but Watkins seemed to move out easily or would tie-up and move King towards the center.

During the third round Watkins switched his punches up by working a 1-2 combination between the head and body while King continued following.

In the final round King developed a rhythm as he saw more of Watkins’ punches and consistent movement. However, as King started throwing more punches Watkins waited patiently and counterpunched when the opportunity presented itself.

Watkins earned an easy decision because of his ring generalship. It was easy to see he went into the fight with a strategy whereas it seemed King spent too much time trying to develop one.





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