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JULY 20, 2007


Summer Showdown 2, A Smashing Success

Promoter Andrew Stokes of Palmetto Boxing and Billy Stanick of Whiterock Boxing put on one of the best shows ever held in the Columbia Metropolitan area. With a standing room crowd of over 1,200 energized fans, nothing was left to chance as they pulled out all the stops to give boxing fans a first class “Vegas Style” boxing event. To put it mildly, they did not disappoint. Every bout on the show was a thriller. You would be hard pressed to find an unsatisfied fan in the building. Fans came from as far North as Connecticut, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Mississippi. Fans from the Midlands turned out in droves as it was standing room only to watch some of Columbia’s up and coming hot prospects display their talents. Sponsor banners decked the arena high and low and special ringside banners with custom stands were made to adorn around the ring giving special recognition to the loyal sponsors that once again helped to make this show a smashing success. Promoter Andrew Stokes did a masterful job of matchmaking the bouts. Every bout on the show was a toss up as you could hear fans in the background picking evenly who they were rooting for, “I’ll take the red corner”, and “I’ll take the blue corner”.

Mickey Stackhouse and Derrick Buchanan started the show with a bang. The two stood toe to toe at times unloading missile type punches which caused Stackhouse to lose his mouth piece on more than one occasion. The two fought to a draw and both fighters immediately asked promoter Andrew Stokes for a rematch on his next show

Mike Rayner and Chris Cook continued the show with an exciting four round bout that had fans on their feet wanting more. The chiseled Mike Rayner, a crowd favorite managed to eek out a win by being the aggressor, as he stalked the always dangerous Chris Cook and landed thundering left hands through the fight.

Stepping to the stage next was the hometown hero Shelby, “The Bonetown Brawler”, Gross and the tough durable Robert Marsh. Three minutes of pure unadulterated boxing is the only way to explain this fight as the pugilists went after each other like two pitt bulls fighting over a steak bone. The one round fight seemed like an eternity as both fighters exchanged power shots that could be heard throughout the arena. Marsh finally availed as he caught Gross with an over hand right that dropped him and caused referee Mark Campbell to stop the exhibition.

After a short Intermission, Kenrick “The Landover Assassin” Watkins took center stage against the 6’3” Jamel Neal from North Carolina. Kenrick proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the welterweight division. He showed his boxing skills early by throwing laser like jabs that found their mark over and over again before finally stopping the show with cannon like body shots that left Neal squirming on the mat before being counted out by referee Dr. Kevin James. Watkins bout set the stage for what some fans considered the fight of the night.

Robert Dunton and Thomas Brown entered the ring separately. Both fighters had a healthy fan base as the cheers from the crowd drowned out their entrance music. Both men came ready to fight. You could tell from the emotion of the arena that this would be a fight to remember. The bout started a little slow with both fighters feeling each other out, but picked up quickly when the combatants tasted each others stinging jabs and thundering power shots, the fight would ebb and flow in the first two rounds until Brown’s experience took over. He found an opening in Dunton’s defense and exploited it. He landed vicious right hands, uppercuts, and left hooks. Dunton was knocked downed twice, and refused to stay down prompting his corner to stop the fight in the fourth, earning Thomas Brown the CBO Light Heavyweight Title.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Moultrie Witherspoon rises out of the darkness of the dimly lighted arena. His corner and the man himself all adorned in gold with black trim. Hoards of fans Rushed to the isles to get a glimpse of the 6’6” 230lb soon to be CBO Heavyweight Champion as he strolled down the isle to the sound of “The Man Right Here” by the rapper Mystical. Waiting in the ring was another imposing figure, 6’2” 220 lb all muscle West Taylor. The tension in the arena grew as the two warriors faced each other in the center of the ring for pre fight instructions. The opening round was more of a feeling out round as both men tried to find there range. It didn’t take long for the action to pick up. Witherspoon landed great stinging jabs despite the good head movement by Taylor. Taylor tried to counter with left hooks to no avail as Witherspoon’s right hand was glued to his head. Witherspoon picked up the pace and dropped the durable Taylor twice with blistering right hands set up by sharp jabs and powerful upper cuts. Witherspoon finished the show in grand style by throwing a barrage of punches until referee Mark Campbell had seen enough and stopped the fight, Making Witherspoon the New CBO Heavyweight Champion.






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